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The Freeformers Adopt programme transforms your business from within by empowering your people with a Digital Mindset. It starts with a digital skills audit designed to uncover where your people are on their digital journey, and relate this to your business challenges and objectives. Freeformers then help you achieve your transformation goals through a blend of coaching, technology and consultancy services which are customised to your specific organisational requirements.

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Profit & Purpose

Through our one_for1 programme, for every hour of learning we deliver to a business person, we deliver an hour of learning to a young person absolutely free. Evolving from one_for1, the Freeformers Academy injects young, diverse digital talent into organisations to disrupt them with fresh thinking and enabling them to rapidly overcome inertia and reach new audiences.

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There are two platforms at the core of our business. Freeformers Pulse allows you to measure the impact of transformation and mindset shift in real-time. Freeformers Learn is our social learning platform, which supports self-learning, group-facilitated sessions and peer engagement on a global scale. And for the CEO this results in measurable return on investment for your digital transformation programme.

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frontline staff in 11 countries coached


people in head office jobs coached to adopt new ways of working


young people up-skilled through our one_for1 programme

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