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Pulse is our measurement tool. This allows you to assess the mindset of yourself and your organisation over time, powered by the Future Workforce Model.

95% of our clients would recommend Pulse

Initial Assessment with Pulse

Pulse allows us to benchmark the current growth mindset of your organisation and then measure change over time. This is benchmarked by sector and by country. This is underpinned by the Future Workforce Model, a Europe wide study that Freeformers has conducted in conjunction with academic partners and which is made up of 12 attributes that are critical for success in the Digital Economy.

Ongoing Assessment

Pulse continues to run during and after our learning programmes, to assess the impact of our training, help us optimise the content, and monitor longer term change in the workforce. We recognise that the speed of change in business means you are not aiming to reach a new fixed model, but rather aiming for a culture where your staff continue to embrace change and a growth mindset. 


We provide an interactive dashboard and simple to understand profile available at a user, department and company level. Cross referenced against Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) around Sales, Revenue, Customer Satisfaction, Staff engagement and retention. 

The Future Workforce Model 

The attributes that we measure on Pulse are based on the Future Workforce Model. This was developed with support from the EDUCATE team at University College London, based on primary research (from clients and learners), and extensive secondary research. The model seeks to understand what employers want, what people need and bridge any gaps between the two. Learn more about the Future Workforce Model here. 

What we do

The Future workforce is not made up of a fixed state of static skills and capabilities, but a mindset: A digital mindset that drives people to constantly update skills and behaviours that create impact. Freeformers deliver advocacy-based learning in organisations by creating digital learning pathways in conjunction with compelling workshops.  

Our approach

We help your organisation form positive habits that stick

Our learning content is bite-sized to achieve maximum impact while fitting into a demanding frontline schedule. We train internal champions to deliver the programme to their colleagues, creating a scalable programme delivered by people your staff trust the most.

This is how we help your company create a social learning culture where they actively share and talk to each other about new ideas for growth and solving challenges.

How our products work together  

By using Pulse to assess your people's readiness for the future of work, we can identify the attributes in which they need to improve and assemble a learning journey to meet that need. For example, increase productivity by delivering training about automation. You can then use Pulse to track their progress over time in key areas vital to your organisation's success, for example productivity or resilience. 

Technology will change all the time, but the human attributes required by your workers to continue to embrace change, remain consistent.

We've inspired over 40,000 employees of FTSE 100 companies, is yours next?

What our clients say

"Freeformers bring a fresh, exciting and fun filled way of how to build dreams into reality. The core of their business concept is nothing short of amazing." 

Dean Davies


"Freeformers got under the skin of our culture and worked with us to really understand the issues and needs of our organisation and exceeded all of our evaluation points."

Ian Bickers

Ministry of Justice

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