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Future Workforce Model

Our Future Workforce Model, developed with support from the EDUCATE team at University College London, is based on primary research (from clients and learners), and extensive secondary research. The model seeks to understand what employers want, what citizens need and bridge any gaps between the two.

The Attributes 

Accompanying each attribute in the model is learning material and question sets to allow learners to measure their progress as they move through our programmes.

The model consists of 12 attributes which our research indicates to be vital to workers being productive, engaged and ready for the future of work. Each attribute is measured in terms of mindset, skillset and behaviour showing an individual’s development over time. The attributes can be mapped to a range of other frameworks, enabling comparisons and tracking of a person’s development as they move through a range of different contexts.

The use of one consistent framework for data capture adds value to the end-user in a variety of ways, such as viewing their progress over the course of time and, comparing their profiles with aggregated representations of people in a similar situation to them, with similar goals, or who have already succeeded in reaching a similar goal to the user.


Forward Thinking


Self Leadership 


Critical Thinking

Solution Finding 




Verbal Communication

Visual Communication

Measuring impact is at the heart of why our clients love working with us 

What our clients say

"Freeformers bring a fresh, exciting and fun filled way of how to build dreams into reality. The core of their business concept is nothing short of amazing." 

Dean Davies


"Freeformers got under the skin of our culture and worked with us to really understand the issues and needs of our organisation and exceeded all of our evaluation points."

Ian Bickers

Ministry of Justice

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