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Featured Projects

Increasing customer digital banking adoption

A bank needed to increase their frontline staffs ability to convert unregistered or inactive digital customers. 

We benchmarked their employee confidence and capabilities using Digital Pulse. This allowed us to identify their high performers, making them Digital Champions and role models for their colleagues. We delivered workshops to train these champions, equipping them with skills to lead 15 minute sessions with their colleagues to help them learn how to convert unregistered or inactive customers . 

We then tracked the impact of the programme, including a control group who received no training. There was a 12% increase in digitally activated customers across participating branches in the space of two months. This is a 48% positive difference in digital conversion compared to the control group. 

Improving employee digital adoption for a major supermarket chain

A supermarket needed to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and ways of working across their distributed workforce. 

They wanted to improve customer experience and productivity, without leaving their staff behind in the rapidly changing world of work. So we measured their existing digital confidence and designed a learning programme designed to drive personal confidence in digital technology. This in turn would accelerate the adoption of a range of workplace tools such as a new shift booking system. 

We identified Digital Champions who could deliver training directly to their colleagues in 15 minute sessions. Our Future Workforce Model was the basis for measuring the impact throughout the programme - Using the model, we discovered an increase in employee confidence from 37% to 67% over the course of a single month. 

Improving customer adoption of digital service channels

A leading home energy supplier asked us to find ways to increase customer adoption of its digital service channels. 

Our goal was to increase new customers registering and increase registered customers using self serving channels. Our first step was to assess the mindset of contact centre staff, and deliver a 12 week blended learning programme. We identified 25 internal Digital Champions who could deliver coaching through peer to peer learning. 

We continually measured people's digital mindset, and used the results to refine subsequent training. Advisors now follow up conversations with emails four times more often, they're twice as likely to use the CRM system to have richer conversations, and are 32% more confident to deliver against their targets.  

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"Freeformers bring a fresh, exciting and fun filled way of how to build dreams into reality. The core of their business concept is nothing short of amazing." 

Dean Davies


"Freeformers got under the skin of our culture and worked with us to really understand the issues and needs of our organisation and exceeded all of our evaluation points."

Ian Bickers

Ministry of Justice

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