Digital Accelerator is the essential digital skills workshop for teams and organisations that need to transform their understanding and use of digital technology and language. The workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to better understand the digital world.


Digital Accelerator is for teams and organisations that need to transform their understanding and use of digital technology and language. The workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to better understand the digital world.

“More than 2000 colleagues have attended Freeformers workshops with outstanding NPS” 

Steven Roberts, Head of Transformation, Barclays

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“More than 2000 colleagues have attended Freeformers workshops with outstanding NPS”
Steven Roberts, Head of Transformation, Barclays

What you’ll learn and gain

What you’ll learn and gain

Digitally active mindset

Digitally confident and savvy teams are more capable; they are more likely to come up with new ideas, increase their productivity and make a real tangible and positive impact to your organisation’s direction.

Sales conversion

Your teams will be so much better at convincing customers to adopt new products or services if they understand the reasons why they were developed and the problems that they solve.


Most of today’s products are built with digital in mind so if your workforce doesn't understand the terms or technology, how can they plan, create and promote these to show the real and tangible benefits?


Many questions, ideas, and solutions aren't voiced due to a lack of digital confidence. Increased confidence reduces digital friction and gets your teams working together better.

Get into the detail of the day’s agenda

Get into the detail of the day’s agenda

What our trainers say about this workshop

“This is a perfect introduction to the digital landscape, highlighting the vital aspects of digital in an insightful and engaging way“

Lewie Allen

“If you’re keen to kickstart your knowledge, skill set, awareness and confidence of the digital world, the digital accelerator is the perfect place to start”

Lucy Lyall Grant

“It never fails to amaze me how learning to code unlocks a huge barrier to digital for so many people, in just one day people transform their opinion of what digital is, how it affects their life, and how easy it can be to use“

Katy Hurst

“The all-rounder digital experience in a day - teaching you how to build a website, spread the word and present your ideas in an interactive and visual way“

Juliette Barrett

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Why do you need this?

Everywhere you look there is an increase in the number of digital services and products being developed and consumed. The consumer is getting more digitally savvy every day. And digital has become the key channel to reach audiences and to deliver services with one in five pounds earned being from or through the internet. Our Digital Accelerator has been designed to bring everyone in your organisation up to pace.

During our 1 day hands-on Digital Accelerator, we empower attendees with all they need to know about the internet and technology to make an impact. Whatever their knowledge beforehand, your team will emerge from our Digital Accelerator with the tools and insight to make an impact the very next day.

The Freeforming doesn’t end in the workshop. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest digital developments – and for every business person we train, we train a young person for free. So your place will fuel the digital ambition of an aspiring young person. Check out this video to find out more about our unique onefor_1 model, and hear what clients like Vodafone, Virgin, and Barclays say about our workshops.

Explore our hands-on learning agenda


  1. How the web works – Introduction to the web and open source – 10% of the web

  2. A platform to build your website – On-boarding to Freeformers Online

  3. Content building – CSS, HTML, responsive design, templates, themes and frameworks

  4. The world of apps  – Turn your website into a mobile app – App landscape and design extras

  5. Discussion – Guided discussion to embed the learning and discuss next steps

Digital Marketing

  1. Social media iceberg – Introduction to different social media platforms beyond Facebook and Twitter

  2. Social media card game – Hands on activity to learn more about the different platforms

  3. The three cardinal sins of social media
    Context – Explore popular social media platforms using the donut example
    Conversations – Using case studies, understand how to engage your customers online
    Control – Live demo of social media managements tools

  4. Social media campaign challenge – Create a social media campaign and pitch your idea to the rest of the group

Cyber Security

  1. How your customers get tricked
    Review a phishing email and identify the parts that indicate that it is a phishing email
    Understand the risks of daisy-chaining and how good password management can protect you and your accounts

  2. The Internet is open and insecure by default
    Demonstrate the insecurities of the web over open Wifi
    Explore HTTPS encryption and why it’s needed

  3. Secure all your internet activity to a corporate level
    Understand the importance of VPN

We offer workshops for up to 12 people for £9k +VAT

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