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Gi Fernando, MWC19

MWC19: Jobs of the Future, The Rise of the Digital Citizen

Last week I was asked to deliver a keynote address as part of the Ministerial Programme at MWC19 in Barcelona on the jobs of the future and the rise of the digital citizen. Together with an esteemed group of panellists, we shared our thoughts on the role of technology, specifically AI, machine learning and automation, on the […]

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Freeformers’ predictions for 2018

Freeformers’ predictions for 2018 2017 has come to a close and it’s been a huge year in tech and digital. From the surge in price of Bitcoin to fears around the fast growth of the gig economy, technology has led the news agenda. So what’s in store for 2018? Here some Freeformers give their predictions, […]

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Freeformers: Mapping the Digital Future Report

The world of work is changing fast. Are you prepared for the challenges ahead? Flexible working means we can work anytime, anywhere. Automation threatens jobs, while digital transformation creates new ones. The blurred lines between work and leisure cause us to question where our professional pursuits end and our personal ones begin. Newly-invented roles and responsibilities […]

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Allocate a training budget to each employee

In the eighth of 10 tips inspired by our Future of Work report Mapping the Digital Future, we look at training your employees beyond a single skill. The future of work and increasing automation brings with it the death of the single skill set. Therefore, it’s important employees feel they have the tools at their disposal and […]

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Why you must start at the top to change the Future of Work mindset

In the first of 10 tips inspired by our Future of Work report Mapping the Digital Future, we look at starting from the top. To succeed in the Future of Work, CEOs and senior executives must understand digital to be fit to lead. Without executive support and understanding for transformative ideas, any successful growth is likely […]

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