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Champion networks prove the winning solution at LPi Learning Live

Freeformers were at the Learning Live conference catching up with the industry about the current challenges and opportunities for the L&D industry.  The conference started by sharing the results of a survey asking members for the top challenges they face. The results were: 1) How to create a learning culture. 2) How to develop a […]

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7 Things to do when creating internal change champions

The top tips for using champions to drive C.H.A.N.G.E.S. within your organisation. At Freeformers we have extensive experience in creating change within organisations using a network of internal champions.  Over the past few years, we have perfected the recipe for success and developed proprietary technology to supercharge champions. Here are the 7 things we do […]

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Omnivores: How to feed people a change programme that doesn’t make them nauseous

The greatest danger to the future of work is specialism Even as we worry about the impact of automation of people’s livelihoods, companies are still hiring, training and encouraging single-purpose professionals who are in danger of being rendered obsolete by even the most basic digital transformation. This talk argues that the best way to create […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation | How do you know if your team is getting better?

It is predicted that companies will spend $1.7 trillion in 2019 on ‘digital transformation’ – so it must be important. And because it’s important, and because people are spending so much money on it,  you can’t pop into a Board Meeting these days without being asked about whether your digital transformation strategy is working. And […]

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Placing people at the forefront of digital transformation

Digital Transformation is a very misleading term. It is simply a common term used for the implementation of technology and whilst implementing technology is nothing without the people, most clients we work with only establish this when it’s too late. They come to us when the technology has been implemented, and they wonder why it’s […]

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Freeformers in action – helping a customer who was unsure about digital

Our passion is people and our mission is a digital economy that works for everyone. We’ve worked with everyone from the CEO to frontline teams in organisations including Barclays, Tesco, HSBC and the BBC to give people the skills and mindset they need to think and work more digitally. Our specialism is working with frontline […]

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Digital Transformation with the people left in

$1.7tn will be spent on ‘Digital Transformation’ by 2019. That’s a lot of money. A recent study from Couchbase, published in Forbes, decried that 90% of digital transformation programmes fail to meet the needs of the business. That’s a lot of wasted money. At Freeformers, we’re out to increase that sweet, sweet ROI. Without too much […]

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Foster diversity of talent and thought

In the ninth of 10 tips inspired by our Future of Work report Mapping the Digital Future, we look at the benefits of fostering diversity and encouraging empathy. We have long known that diversity of race, gender and culture has been beneficial to the workplace. But a new kind of diversity, a diversity of thought, can bring […]

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Experiment with digital team days

In the seventh of 10 tips inspired by our Future of Work report Mapping the Digital Future, we think digital team days are a great way to share new ideas and learn from your coworkers. A digital team day could revolve around working together to find solutions for creating a more digitally minded office environment. They […]

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Develop physical spaces that are open and collaborative to work and relax

In the sixth of 10 tips inspired by our Future of Work report Mapping the Digital Future, we look at developing collaborative physical spaces that inspire people to create, learn and boost productivity. If you want to get the most out of your employees, create a space that they look forward to coming into every morning. […]

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