EU Code Week | Creating the Code for an intense app competition

“Thank you for giving us a place where our ideas could become a reality.” Oluwadamilola Fasoyiro, the contest winner

As part of EU Code Week in October 2015, we teamed up with Barclays to help run a competition to create an app for social good or for the community. Entry was offered to those taking part in its Digital Driving Licence.

This initiative was designed to get people of all ages and from all walks of life interested in app creation and show them the power of technology to change their communities for the better.

It attracted 137 entries with 11 finalists given the chance to attend an innovation workshop run by Freeformers and Accenture. This taught participants how to think like a startup, how to develop a business model, the fundamentals of digital product creation, using APIs and bringing their apps to life as a working prototype.

All those who didn’t reach the finalist stage were invited to one of our Upload Live digital skills festivals, which took place in December 2015. The app finalists were:

  • iVolunteer, for registered charities to search for, advertise towards or reach out to volunteers in their local communities
  • Fair Fuel, to calculate how much fuel your car would use on a journey by using the registration plate to retrieve the MPG of your vehicle and the average cost of fuel per litre for that day
  • Food for Community Life, to collect waste, food, clothes, books and toys from users and share them with those who need it most, whether individuals or NGOs working abroad
  • FingerDrive, to store useful data online, for example a list of useful contacts in case of emergency. Therefore when you are unable to retrieve information from your battery-dead phone, you can access the information through another smartphone
  • Receipts, to collect all of your receipts from anywhere, anytime, with or without your phone
  • The Tech Career Hub, to make discovering, exploring and pursuing careers in tech exciting, fun and attainable for young people who may not know of all the possible career opportunities
  • Let’s Talk, to encourage those suffering with mental health disorders to talk about their problems and raise awareness for others facing similar problems
  • MyTab, to collate all online receipts for large retailers, tickets for trains, concerts, air travel, hotel, gift vouchers
  • Education-Wise, based on EdTech to focus on helping primary school children learn better at home
  • The Food Bank Factor, to inform you of the food banks in your local area, and which ones require volunteers or supplies
  • Keep Your Streets Safe, to directly contact local police when you feel you, or someone near you, is being threatened

Judges included Ashok Vaswani, Chief Executive Officer of Personal and Corporate Banking at Barclays, plus representatives of Accenture, IBM, Apps for Good and Freeformers.

Participant Taminder Pattar called it: “A really great community initiative which will undoubtedly develop some entrepreneurs.”

While another Danielle Simmons, of Let’s Talk, added: “It was fantastic to increase my knowledge and meet like-minded people that want to make a difference.”

The eventual winner was 19-year-old student Oluwadamilola Fasoyiro for Education-Wise, who said: “The contents of the app will be based on what the child is learning at school and teachers will be able to track the progress of their students. Parents will also have quick access to what their children are learning at school and support them to progress further. Simply, we could say, it is a digital school.”

Emma Cerrone, co-founder of Freeformers, added: “Dami’s app was a simple grassroots idea to engage children with their schoolwork, particularly at home with so many distractions around them. It was inspiring for those at such a young age to help them understand learning can be fun, engaging, interactive and self-taught.”




26th February 2016