Freeformers | 75,000 people to receive Digital Skills Training by Facebook

Digital Skills Training by Facebook |Freeformers partners with Facebook to offer training to 75,000 people

Last year we announced the start of an incredible partnership with Facebook. As part of Facebook’s Community Boost EU program, we have been working towards our shared vision of creating a digital economy for everyone, upskilling 75,000 people across six European countries from 2018 to 2020.

The Facebook Community Boost EU program will enable Freeformers to deploy its Future Workforce Model, a set of measurable, learnable attributes that are key to being able to thrive in a digital future. This takes the narrative away from learning focused solely on skills, towards a world where people have the right mindset and behaviours to be productive, effective and happy.

As of January 2019, the programme has now successfully launched in all six European countries, with 22 partners delivering Digital Skills Training to nearly 7,000 people across the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany & France.

Our Founder Gi Fernando MBE said: “There is a huge opportunity to create a digital economy for everyone and we are delighted to partner with Facebook on the ‘Community Boost EU’ program as part of this ambition. We will be using our Future Workforce Model to help individuals acquire the attributes to be employable, successful and productive in a digital world. These attributes will be aligned with the mindset, skill sets and behaviours every industry needs in its future workforce.”

Freeformers works globally with industry-leading organisations – such as HSBC, Barclays, CYBG, Tesco and the UK’s Ministry of Justice – to ensure that their workforces are developing the necessary mindset, skillset and behaviours to maximise both the future capabilities of individual employees, and the efficiency and adaptability needed to drive their organisations as a whole forward towards the achievement of their goals.

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