Blog | Freeformers in action – helping a customer who was unsure about digital

Freeformers in action – helping a customer who was unsure about digital

Our passion is people and our mission is a digital economy that works for everyone. We’ve worked with everyone from the CEO to frontline teams in organisations including Barclays, Tesco, HSBC and the BBC to give people the skills and mindset they need to think and work more digitally.

Our specialism is working with frontline colleagues to increase their digital skills and capabilities so they feel empowered to interact with customers, discuss digital products, deliver brilliant customer service and ultimately improve revenue generation.

We love it when we hear first hand about the impact our training has had on individual participants and their interactions with customers so we wanted to share a note we received from a participant of one of our programmes with a retail bank client:

‘I helped a customer who was unsure about digital banking.

She had come in asking how to close a club account as they were moving to a bank/nearer her. After chatting to her she told me she still had her personal accounts with us, however, found it increasingly difficult to get into the branch as she was in her 70’s and it was an hour-long bus trip to get here since her nearest branch had closed. I spoke to her about digital for paying in cheques as this was the main reason she came into the branch, however, she said she was wary asking questions like is it safe etc. I pulled on the digital training you went over and asked her about wifi and did she have smartphone etc.

I told her we are doing a learning course on this and answered all her concerns. I told her how her phone knows where she travels and her sleep pattern. I told her where it was safe to use wifi and where it is not.

I asked her if she was willing to share her information with other companies then why not her bank as we are one of the securest places. I told her a data breach for us would be a major issue so we work very hard to keep her information safe. She was also concerned about her age and not being able to go digital as it’s easier for a young person to learn. I said if you are unsure about using self-service machines and using digital apps, then we are here to take the time and help her.

I updated her details to allow her to download the app, I really feel like I helped her and made her feel more secure about going digital.’

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