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Experiment with digital team days

In the seventh of 10 tips inspired by our Future of Work report Mapping the Digital Future, we think digital team days are a great way to share new ideas and learn from your coworkers.

A digital team day could revolve around working together to find solutions for creating a more digitally minded office environment. They create a great opportunity to bring team members together and to announce company and individual achievements and future goals, which will drive motivation and energise employees.

At Freeformers, we believe employers must never lose sight of the people at the heart of their company. Businesses should champion human-driven growth enabled by technology, not technology-driven growth to enable humans.

A digital team day is a great way to remind you and your employees of this fact. This requires open minds and confident attitudes. Change doesn’t happen quickly so a digital mindset needs to be developed over time.

A digital team day is collaborative at its core, so consider using collaborative technologies to see this through. This could involve a simple Slack or HipChat channel for the day where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas or setting up your own Facebook Workplace for your team. According to Accenture“New collaboration technologies do more than just digitize old ways of doing things; they make new ways of doing things possible.”

Collaboration technologies have helped many companies to achieve impressive results by boosting business performance. For example, “By more readily sharing documents and quickly locating experts to answer questions, sales teams at GE Aviation were able to complete in minutes work that had previously taken more than one week.”

Your digital team day could lead you to similarly successful outcomes by promoting the benefits of sharing of ideas and skills and by being the jumping off point for embedding the tools and technologies that are needed to make this happen.

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