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Digital Transformation with the people left in

$1.7tn will be spent on ‘Digital Transformation’ by 2019.

That’s a lot of money.

A recent study from Couchbase, published in Forbes, decried that 90% of digital transformation programmes fail to meet the needs of the business. That’s a lot of wasted money. At Freeformers, we’re out to increase that sweet, sweet ROI.

Without too much oversimplification, it’s possible to group digital transformation programmes into three broad areas:

1. New digital products or services for customers – an app, a subscription service, a new website
2. New customer experiences (through data feedback or tech-enabled environments) – in-store tech, targeted offers and deals
3. New digital tools for staff and internal processes – new ways of logging data, new CRM systems, new data security systems

All digital transformation involves people (either employees or customers) doing something differently and adopting new behaviours or products. But how confident can we be that people are able or willing to change their behaviour?

Which is why Freeformers do what we do – if you’re investing a lot of money in technology, we make sure your people understand it, so that both they and your customers actually use it.

We love technology. We think about, we use it, we build it, we deploy it. But we love people even more. We work with people at all levels within organisations to remove their barriers to engaging with digital transformation and new ways of working.

Freeformers enable businesses to deliver their commercial strategies and drive revenue growth through designing and delivering cutting-edge & engaging learning programmes for their workforces. With Freeformers, companies improve their digital sales, customer experience and upskill their employees for the future of work.

In particular, we work with employees who in turn work directly with customers, the ‘frontline’. This is the reality of digital transformation, where real people are talking to each other about the future of their relationship with your organisation. Wouldn’t you rather those conversations were being held by people happy and confident in what they were being asked to do?

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