Champion networks prove the winning solution at LPi Learning Live - Freeformers

Champion networks prove the winning solution at LPi Learning Live

Freeformers were at the Learning Live conference catching up with the industry about the current challenges and opportunities for the L&D industry. 

The conference started by sharing the results of a survey asking members for the top challenges they face.

The results were:

1) How to create a learning culture.

2) How to develop a workforce fit for the future.

3) How to deliver on digital transformation.

To share ideas about how to approach these challenges a panel debate followed, including Caroline Ford (Thomas Cook Group Head of Learning), Grant Schmidlechner (GSK People Development Director) and Helen Smyth (Sainsburys Head of HR)

Thomas Cook – Caroline has been staggered at the success of the impact of their champion network. At Microsoft’s suggestion they created a champion network to help with the roll out of Office 365, and the success has been “phenomenal”. Using ordinary colleagues not professional coaches, they deliberately shifted from a traditional L&D approach, to a peer to peer model. Simply asking staff to self-volunteer, and a little incentive in the form of a new laptop, has meant the network has thrived, and has been very cost effective. 

Sainsburys – Helen talked about their huge success in using a champion + technology model to improve onboarding new staff. Sainsbury’s now use on-floor champions (called mentors) who guide new starters around the shop using an i-Pad, that supports them in delivering all the important information in context of the real world environment. Moving new starters out of the classroom and into the real world has helped reduce induction time from 12 to 4 hours and has saved the company millions of pounds. It was not a straightforward business case to make at first, with the leadership team taking 6 months of convincing before agreeing to the new approach. 

GSK – Grant was asked about the proliferation of HR IT, with large organisations often having as many as 30 different systems. When asked whether the industry was about to enter a period of consolidation, he responded that it was futile to try and control it. His approach was to let it be, simply understand where the best collaboration is taking place, and invest in that area. He echoed other members of the panel by sharing how mobile based technology has been a game changer – it is the platform of choice for how most people read and share content, so delivering staff communications the same was is an obvious step towards creating greater engagement. 

Champion Management Platform

Freeformers hosted a workshop, aligned to the themes of the morning and explaining how our Champion Management Platform identifies, recruits and supports internal change champions. We explained how to deliver engaging and effective transformation programmes, based on our data led approach. The interactive session asked the delegates to share their thoughts on what are the most significant attributes for their workforce today and in the future. We then compared this to a snapshot from our database of over 60k contributors.

If you were unable to attend the sold-out session, get in touch to arrange a platform demonstration, and benchmark study.