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Vint Cerf & Gi Fernando - The People Centred Economy

The high street’s future is about people, not transactions

A new book co-authored by Vint Cerf (‘the father of the internet’) and I4J’s David Nordfors explores the potential shift from a task-centred economy to a people-centred one. Earlier this month, Vint joined me in London to talk about some of the opportunities for businesses, including banks and the high-street retailers – the latter of […]

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Do Retailers Need Shops?

You can trace the beginning of the end for traditional bricks and mortar retail back to 10 years ago this week when 807 Woolworths stores closed on January 6th 2009. So what better way to “celebrate” the beginning of the end by looking at what’s changed with retail stores in the past 10 years. Huge […]

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The People Centered Economy Book Cover

The People Centred Economy | Putting people at the heart of your business model

At the heart of a people-centred economy is, of course, people. Freeformers look at the future of work through the lens of the future of people within work; what will they be doing, what skills do they need to be doing it, and what mindset do they need to keep acquiring those skills? Recently, our Founder, […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation | How do you know if your team is getting better?

It is predicted that companies will spend $1.7 trillion in 2019 on ‘digital transformation’ – so it must be important. And because it’s important, and because people are spending so much money on it,  you can’t pop into a Board Meeting these days without being asked about whether your digital transformation strategy is working. And […]

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Launch Event: The People Centred Economy

Are you aware of the importance and impact of people being at the heart of your organisation’s digital transformation project?   To celebrate the launch of new book ‘The People Centred Economy – The New Ecosystem for Work’, Freeformers would like to invite you to the exclusive European launch event, to hear from contributing author […]

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The Future of Retail Banking

The Future of Retail Banking | To branch or not to branch

Almost 3,000 branches have been closed in the last three years. Why? The answer that the banks responsible for the closures will give you is that their customers are increasingly turning to mobile banking and away from bricks-and-mortar locations. They’ll say that the future of retail banking is online and that by closing low-performing and […]

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Placing people at the forefront of digital transformation

Digital Transformation is a very misleading term. It is simply a common term used for the implementation of technology and whilst implementing technology is nothing without the people, most clients we work with only establish this when it’s too late. They come to us when the technology has been implemented, and they wonder why it’s […]

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Freeformers in action – helping a customer who was unsure about digital

Our passion is people and our mission is a digital economy that works for everyone. We’ve worked with everyone from the CEO to frontline teams in organisations including Barclays, Tesco, HSBC and the BBC to give people the skills and mindset they need to think and work more digitally. Our specialism is working with frontline […]

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Digital Transformation with the people left in

$1.7tn will be spent on ‘Digital Transformation’ by 2019. That’s a lot of money. A recent study from Couchbase, published in Forbes, decried that 90% of digital transformation programmes fail to meet the needs of the business. That’s a lot of wasted money. At Freeformers, we’re out to increase that sweet, sweet ROI. Without too much […]

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Freeformers secures £1.2m investment from Impact Ventures UK

Funding deal will boost workforce transformation firm’s platform development and social impact initiative Freeformers, which helps companies and individuals develop the digital mindset, skills and behaviours required to navigate the future world of work, has raised £1.2m of investment from leading UK social impact fund Impact Ventures UK (IVUK). The investment by IVUK is significant […]

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