We do the people part of digital transformation

Our programmes prepare your employees for the future of work.

We've inspired over 40,000 employees of FTSE 100 companies, is yours next?

We focus on the things that matter

We focus on empowering people, increasing revenue, improving customer experience and accelerating productivity. 

We make sure your frontline staff sell more products and provide customers with better experiences. Calculate how much money we could save your organisation by using our digital drag calculator. 

Who are our programmes for? 

Our programmes are ideal for organisations with large frontline workforces. We believe that everyone in your organisation has a role in making sure that your digital transformation is a success. 

We train both your leaders and people on the frontline. Find out more about our programmes and products by clicking the button below. 

How we work

Get your organisation ready for the future of work by following this 3-step process


Benchmark the digital mindset, skillset and behaviours of your people. 


Identify & activate your strongest internal champions. 


Provide learning to bridge the gap between your current and future capabilities. 

Our Products

Digital Pulse

Digital Pulse is our measurement tool. It allows us to assess the mindset, skillset and behaviours of your organisation and track it over time. Click the button below to learn more about Digital Pulse.

15 x 15 Digital Fitness Programmes

Our Digital Fitness Programmes are delivered in 15 bite-sized modules each lasting 15 minutes. And we know they work. Click the button below to learn more about our programmes.


You can combine the products above for a full transformation programme. 

Featured Projects

Increasing customer digital banking adoption

A bank needed to increase their frontline staff's ability to convert unregistered or inactive digital customers. Here's what we did to help them. 

Digital Skills Training by Facebook

Freeformers and Facebook are working with various in-country partners and NGOs in six countries across Europe to bring the Digital Skills Training Programme to 75,000 18-30 year olds.

Improving customer adoption of digital service channels 

A leading home energy supplier asked us to find ways to increase customer adoption of it's digital service channels. Here's what we did to help them.

What our clients say

"Freeformers bring a fresh, exciting and fun filled way of how to build dreams into reality. The core of their business concept is nothing short of amazing."

Dean Davies


"Freeformers got under the skin of our culture and worked with us to really understand the issues our organisation faced and the needs of our leaders. Not only did we develop a bespoke and unique programme, but we exceeded all of our evaluation points."

Ian Bickers 

Ministry of Justice 

Social Impact

We're committed to delivering social impact. For every champion we train within your organisation, we also train a young person for free in the community. To date, we have transformed the lives of over 4,235 young people from less advantaged backgrounds. 

Get your organisation ready for the future

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