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We do the people part of digital transformation

Get your people ready for the future of work by giving them the skills technology can't replace.

If 75% of digital transformations fail, and the number one cause is lack of support from the workforce, isn't it time you got them onboard?

That's what we do. We change their mindset so you can change your culture.

How we work


Identify & activate your strongest internal champions.


Provide learning to bridge the gap between your current and future capabilities.


Benchmark how ready your people are for change.

You're in good company

Freeformers Clients

"Freeformers got under the skin of our culture and worked with us to really understand the issues and needs of our organisation and exceeded all of our evaluation points."

Ian Bickers, Deputy Director

Our apps ignite and accelerate change

Digital Mentor

Empower your workforce to find out how change-ready they are.


Give your champions all they need to change mindsets.


Track how engaged and change-ready your workforce is.

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