Free:Formers: Make Digital Easy

Businesses recognise that digital is key to driving growth, so we help their teams learn the digital skills that will help them be more effective.

Our hands-on workshops are taught in plain English by the young people using digital everyday.

For every business person we train, we train a young person for free.

ONE:FOR1 = Business and Social impact.


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Last week's NPS*:  77 

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Not sure  how to get started?

We run hands-on workshops that give you practical digital skills that can change how you work the next day. You'll learn the parts of digital tech you need to know, without getting lost in the detail.

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One Day: Digital Accelerator

Understand the core aspects of the digital world through a hands on experience of all the key areas. Make an app, launch an ad, use social media tools and understand how to use web services safely.

One Day: Mobile App

Understand the key tech, trends and mobile/ web products by building an app from scratch. Generate new business ideas using APIs and then rapidly prototype one to test if it works.

One Day: Digital Engager

Understand how to design a social media and video campaign that maps directly to your business objectives. Learn about all the tools, deep-dive into the most important ones, go through the process of making it all happen then look at the analytics - all in a day.

One Day: Digital Innovator

Innovation using digital building blocks: Quick and easy consumer research Prototyping a site using zero code Communication and distribution platforms Crowd sourcing and funding Analytics

One: For 1

Our ONE:for1 model is simple - for each business person we train, we also train an unemployed 16-25 year old for free. This helps them to develop the digital skills they need for today's job market, so that they can earn a living in the rapidly growing digital economy.

We want to reach the young people who are turned off by IT lessons, who think coding is only for the most gifted, and who don’t yet see the increasing importance of digital skills across so many jobs.

Our trainers make digital easy and accessible, by speaking plain English and having fun. We show how technology can support their passion and creativity - whether it's music, sport, or fashion.

After doing a one-day workshop, we offer young people options for further training and development through a range of partner organisations that we work with. Together, we can deliver a meaningful and lasting impact on a young person's life.

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Web For Everyone

To celebrate 25 years of the Web, this is a partnership with Facebook, Barclays, and supported by Go ON UK Chair, Baroness Lane-Fox, to tackle ‘internet inequality’ by giving thousands of people – young and old – the power to not only use the web, but create it.

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Who we've worked with

We're working with some of the biggest names in business to help increase digital skills and deliver next day impact for everyone from senior executives to frontline staff.

We're also working with innovative charities and youth groups to help an ever growing number of young people learn digital skills relevant to today’s job market.

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Meet the team

Our team is a mix of young talent with a real passion for digital and experienced leaders from the worlds of business, education and startups.

Join the team

We’re always looking for bright people with a passion for tech. If you don’t see any relevant roles below and you think it’s worth us having a chat, feel free to drop us a line at

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